Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One sided love

One-sided love is not fair to either person. Also, relationships are hard enough to keep even when both people are actively in love with one another. You cannot make it happen on your own. Best to throw this fish back into the sea and look for love elsewhere. 
No one can have a happy existence and grow from happiness if they are in love with someone, but are not loved back. It causes arguments, suspicion, generally cheating on the partner and a great deal of stress.
The pain of this horrendous situation "One sided Love" unless you are a victim of it. I know it is very difficult situation to be in and I wish no one falls in this kind of situation because the result is surely going to be very, very painful and one might end up running his/her life, but still I think if in any case you have been in this kind of situation what you need to do is to try to find happiness in the happiness of your mate......and please don't wait for him/her to come back into your life because it's true that you can't make anybody love you forcefully; just believe in your destiny and maybe something very sweet is waiting for you in your life.
You shouldn't even be considering being in a one-sided relationship. And trust me, I know how painful it is when you truly care about someone and they don't feel the same you want to make it work so badly but you're only doing yourself harm. This other person doesn't feel the same, so why deny yourself the opportunity to find someone who will love you as much as you love them? As human beings we need to feel cared for and cared about and if you're the only one giving in a relationship your self inflicting harm on your emotional stability when you find it all come tumbling down when that person eventually breaks your heart, because why? They're the side of the relationship that doesn't care, remember? sorry if it's harsh but you deserve better and you deserve someone who wants to make your life easier in any way possible. You are obviously a very loving, compassionate person and trust me you'll find your happy ending... just not in a one-sided relationship. A teeter totter is only fun if you get two people who make enough effort to push each other up..
ini sume aku copy paste,haram la aku nk taip.cket2 je aku tambah..

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